About Us

About Helpful Real Estate Advice in Las Vegas, NV

Our radio platform is built around the three “Es”: EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and ENGAGE.

We will EDUCATE YOU about the local real estate market and personal financial matters. We want to EMPOWER YOU with the knowledge so you will be able to make wise decisions for yourself and your family. We want YOU to ENGAGE with our Expert Contributors and get the kind of results you should expect once armed with that proper knowledge.

Real Southern Nevada Real Estate Advice

We don’t have an 800 number. We aren’t in Texas or New York. We live and work right here in Southern Nevada and we want to bring experienced, local knowledge to YOU.

Unlike other programs, we are focused on YOU and your issues. We are not an infomercial for our services. We are not trying to sell anything, but to deliver timely truths that we have learned by working here every day. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Listen to our radio show to get the real estate advice you need!Buying real estate is different in every market. Knowing where to buy, the local laws and ordinances, and what to expect is something that not just any real estate advisor can deliver to you, especially if they aren’t from the area. Las Vegas Real Estate NOW is hosted by local real estate specialists that understand the needs of local residents.

With our helpful financial and real estate advice in Las Vegas, NV, you are able to better educate yourself about the entire process and begin making smarter decisions when it comes to searching for, buying, or selling property in Southern Nevada.

Focused on Helping You

Listeners of our show quickly find out that we have their best interests in mind when we are sharing the experiences we have had in the real estate market. We make sure everything is laid out in layman’s terms without diluting the message we are trying to send. This makes it easier for everyone interested in real estate or financial advice to quickly understand the help we are providing without ever making it seem like we are oversimplifying or talking down to them.

When you put on our show, you are going to be able to feel like you are sitting inside of the brain of a real expert when it comes to real estate. So arm yourself with the knowledge you need before you jump head first into the Las Vegas market by regularly tuning into our show and participating in our current conversations.

Contact us or any of our contributors for more information about how our radio show can deliver the real estate advice you need. Our show is designed to assist listeners located throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada, area.