Tod Cox

Todd Cox CPA

"If you pulled my card, you pulled the Ace."

Todd Cox is a bad-ass accountant. Once every year, aspiring accountants from all over the United States arrive at his office, and wait in the blistering Vegas heat, for a chance to be selected by his firm. 

Some do it because they believe they are unstoppable, some do it because they want to prove to themselves that they can try for the top, but ALL of them do it because they know he’s the best. 

When he isn’t explaining the phrase, “Sharpen your pencil” to the young people in the IRS, he is making businesses explode in riches they didn’t know they could have.

He is also the only man ever known to tax his income to make more money than he was paid. In fact, his taxes file themselves every year just because they don’t want him to humiliate themselves before him.