Ernie Domanico

Domanico Custom Homes


With over four decades of experience in the Southern Nevada home building industries, Ernie has acquired an intrinsic understanding of the local Luxury Residential market. This knowledge has served him well as president of Domanico Custom Homes.

Although the company took on commercial and industrial projects in earlier years, Ernie’s firm has made the natural progression into high-end residential projects, and has emerged as one of the Las Vegas Valley’s premier homebuilders. His firm has a plethora of projects in our valley’s most exclusive neighborhoods, such as Spanish Trails, Southern Highlands Country Club, Red Rock Country Club, McDonald Highlands Country Club, and The Ridges.

Domanico Custom Homes has specialized strictly on custom homes over the last decade. Domanico Custom Homes have built well over 100 custom homes in Southern Nevada. The largest individual custom project was a 14,010 sq. ft. home in Southern Highlands Country Club, which sold for $10 million in July 2007.

Ernie and his firm are presently building 4 homes in the second half of 2017. They just finished a 6,800 sw. ft. one-story, special home in Vintage Valley/Southern Highlands Country Club.

“No job is too small nor too big. We are presently building special houses ranging from 3,100 sq. ft. to 6,590 sq. ft. and we also build beautiful homes for our clients,” Ernie says. “When building of custom homes, it takes a lot of attention to detail, and focus on customer service!”

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